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DC Magnetic Switch
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Product: Views:401DC Magnetic Switch 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2018-01-03 02:05

Brief Introduction:

Magnetic Sensor Switch is widely used in Household Appliance, Telecommunication Electronics, Automobile, Medical Care, Security Electronics, Industrial field and daily life. Every day you probably use M Magnetic Sensor Switch without notice, (such as when using the Washing machine, opening Laptop,  entering Doors, getting Milks from fridge etc ) You will not like to leave it alone once you realize its existing and powerful functions.

Magnetic Sensor Switch consists of core compenent ---- the Reed Switch, cable, and finally its clothes ---- housing case.

Reed Switch is a magnetic and special switch, which is the main component of the Magnetic Sensor Switch. The reed switch is invented by Walter B. Ellwood of Bell Telephone Lab in 1936, who was patented in the United States on June 27, 1940, patent number 2264746.


ShenZhen CiAn Electronics Co., LTD specializes in the R&D, Production and Service of Magnetic Sensor Switch. With modern production lines and device, workers and managerment, ShenZhen CiAn Electronics Co., LTD has owned good reputation both at home and abroad. We export to many countries in the world with long term cooperation relationship for the aim of providing standard and customized solutions for all kinds of applications. Please contact us if you are looking for professional factory of Magnetic Sensor Switch.

Obvious Advantages:

1, Top 3 Brand of key core IC part ---- Reed switch

2, Pure Oxygen Copper Wire with Nickel Plated

3, Pure Neodymium Magnet

4, 100% New and the First rate materials for the housing case

5, Factory Status



Generally speaking for standard products, they always have 3 parts.

1, The Reed Switch

2, The Wire

3, The Magnet


Diagram of Reed Switch:

Product Closeup:




CE,ROHS, FCC Compliant.

Quality Guarantee:

1, 2 Years Quality Guarantee for quality under normal use

2, Defective Item directly send back. New Replacement can be directly send out

3, Spare Parts will be available against big volume order

4, Double Spare Parts will be added if no defective item from former big volume order


Payment Way:

1, For Sample Order, you can use Paypal, Western Union, RMB, Cash etc for payment.

2, For bulk order, you can use Bank Transfer, Western Union, RMB, Cash etc for payment.

3, Full payment for Sample order.

 For bulk order, 50% Deposit for Production with the rest 50% for Delivery



1, Normally for Sample order, within 3 days we can make Delivery against payment arraving.

2, For bulk order, it will be around 2 ---- 15 days for the Lead Time, based on order size.

3, Delivery way: Express Plane, Airport Plane, Sea Way Shipment etc.

Technical Support:


Core component:

* Reed Switch  OKI / MKA / HAMLIN

* Total Length   mm  (Default or Customized)

* Glass Length   mm  (Default or Customized)

* Glass Diameter mm  (Default or Customized)

* Contact Form   1A (SPST-NO) (Default or Customized)

* Contact Position  SYM    (Default or Customized)

* Contact Material    Ru     (Default or Customized)

* Contact Rating     10W    (Default or Customized)

* Max. Switching Voltage    VDC / VAC (Default or Customized)

* Max. Switching Current   (Default or Customized)

* Contact Resistance (at initial value)  (Default or Customized)

* Pull In Value (AT)  10-15 (Default or Customized)

* Drop Out Value (AT)  5  (Default or Customized)

* Operation Time  1.0 mSec.(Max.)  (Default or Customized)

* Release Time  0.4 mSec.(Max.) (Default or Customized)

* Breakdown Voltage  220VDC(AT<25)/ 250VDC(AT>25)  (Default or Customized)

* Contact Capacitance    0.7 pF  (Default or Customized)

* Insulation Resistance 1010Ohms (Default or Customized)

* Resonant Frequency    4 kHz    (Default or Customized)

* Operation Temperature -60 ℃ ~+155 ℃  (Default or Customized)

* High Humidity  98% (Max.)  (Default or Customized)

* Operation Frequency  100 Hz (Default or Customized)

* Electrical Life   108(5V ,10mA) 105(24V, 400mA)  (Default or Customized)

* Test Coil    5000  870 Ohm    (Default or Customized)

* Leads Gold-Plated (Default or Customized)


Housing case:

* Materials: ABS, Zinc/Aluminum, Compo etc (Default or Customized)

* Design: Our current models or new design model. (Default or Customized)

* Structure: Cylinder, Cuboid, Groove, SMD, (Default or Customized)

* Color: White, Black (Default or Customized)



* UL 24# (Default or Customized)

* Color: White (Default or Customized)